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2024 동방오케 사이트 배경.png

2024 Touhou Project Orchestra Concert ~ Invitation from Gensokyo

Performance date: Saturday, August 31, 2024, 19:00

Performance Venue: Yeouido KBS Hall

Running time 120 minutes (planned)

Viewing age: Elementary school students and above

Command sincerity

Playing Plasik Symphony Orchestra

Ticket price R seat 119,000 won | S seat 96,000 won | Seat A 76,000 won | B seat 48,000 won

Ticket opening to be announced later

Ticket Reservation Interpark Ticket / 1544-1555

Performance inquiries / 02-521-4644

Hosted by Ativ Sound | Jumangjijaesangdan | Dojin Trading Company | flashic
Shanghai Alice Performance Troupe

ⓒ Shanghai Asia Entertainment Entertainment

This performance is a secondary creative work based on the Touhou Project.

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